How to accurately describe and depict the Great War is not just a quandary for our generation – it was a quandary in 1914 too, and 1916, and 1919. We are no less confused when we attempt to depict our present. What would 2016 look like to those who died a century ago?  Anyone writing about the past is necessarily writing about the present, just as anyone writing about the future is necessarily taking one particular present for granted. Symphony to a Lost Generation is a work about our present.

One cannot talk about the present with only the languages of the past. To this end, I created the form of holographic drama, allowing the art languages of the past – ballet, the symphony, expressionist painting – to each exist in the service of a present day form, and to work within it.

Holograms are not real life, or theatre. They are also not cinema. They exist in an uncanny midpoint between, and allow vignettes to appear, to flicker, to collide in ways no other form can.  

Holographic drama is a new art form, a serious art form for our time, that could only have been created now.



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